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Raising our Voice for Dignity and Justice

The Immigrant and Latinx Community

There are 44 million foreign born individuals in the US with 51% from Latin America and 28% from Asia. In Virginia, 1.1 million were born outside of the US. More than 60 million people in the US identify as Hispanic with the majority being citizens. In Virginia, the Hispanic population comprised 10.6% or 908,000. The percentage is lower in Central Virginia, according to the 2020 census, but it’s clear to Sin Barreras there was a significant undercount. Although 'Hispanic' and 'immigrant' are often thought of as the same, that is not the case and the realities are far more nuanced.

Latino, Hispanic, Latinx, or what?

There is no consensus on how to refer to this population. It is more important to focus on the issues behind the terms instead of allowing it to distract us.This is a diverse population composed of people from over 20 countries and many races, primarily derived from a range of the original indigenous inhabitants. Most people prefer to be called by their nationality of origin. Hispanic and Latina/o/x/e were all imposed.

At Sin Barreras, we often use terms interchangeably. Latinx is the newest entry and comes with more recent resistance, but it is intended to be inclusive which we appreciate.

Advocating for Immigrants and the Latinx Community

The Hispanic population represents an important part of the US and Virginia’s economy, workforce and fabric of our society. However, it is a historically underserved and excluded population with significant barriers to social and economic prosperity, and political power.

Latinos are more likely to live in poverty, have lower levels of educational attainment, and experience discrimination than non-Latino Americans. Advocating for Latino rights is crucial for ensuring that this growing demographic group is treated fairly and has equal opportunities to succeed. It also helps to create a more inclusive and equitable society for all. Barriers include immigration status, poverty, color, race, education, and language.

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