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Food & Financial Security

Nourishing a Community​

Sharing the Abundance

We work to build partnerships with local organizations, such as community organizations and donors to create a more comprehensive support network for those facing financial and food-related challenges. By collaborating with these partners, the program is able to leverage resources and expertise to achieve its goals of improving food and financial security for all members of the community. The Food & Financial Security program developed and grew out of need during the pandemic. With the wind down of available resources, this program will shift from direct assistance to more referrals, connections and education. Sin Barreras has the connection to the Spanish speaking community, which we leverage and combine with valuable opportunities to support immigrant families.


  • Community Partnerships & Food Security

    We collaborate with local partners on a limited basis, based on availability, need and opportunities, to efficiently distribute excess food to those in need within the community. Through this collaboration, we aim to combat food insecurity, reduce waste, and make a positive impact on the lives of our neighbors.

  • Financial Security

    We effectively distribute much-needed financial aid, offering vital support to those experiencing hardship. Throughout the Covid pandemic, our primary focus was assisting Hispanic families facing severe challenges and unstable situations.

Donate to Support our Programs

In supporting this program, you can help ensure that community members have access to food and financial resources, improving their overall quality of life. We work to build partnerships with local organizations, which means that donor contributions can have a greater impact by leveraging the resources and expertise of multiple groups.

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